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    Plucking and Leaf Handling

    Plucking round

    Plucking round describes the time interval in days between consecutive pluckings. It varies from 4 to 14 days though 7-day round is the most common practice.

    Standard of plucking

    Black plucking removes all above tipping level, except unopened buds.

    Standard plucking leaves buds and small one and buds on the bush, remainder plucked to tipping level.

    Coarse plucking leaves buds, one and buds and small two and buds on the bush, remainder plucked to tipping level.  

    System of plucking

    Janam plucking : plucked above janam; superior under normal condition in N.E India. 

    Fish-leaf plucking : plucked above fish-leaf to raise the plucking table

    Single-leaf or Step-up plucking : plucked above a normal leaf to restore the volume of maintenance foliage when required.

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