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  • Planting
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    Leaf Handling







    Primary Plant Nutrients

    May not be available in soil in sufficient quantities for optimum development and yield and hence annual application necessary. Nitrogen (N) promotes quantity and speed of leaf growth. Phosphate (P2O5) promotes root growth. Potash (K2O) promotes vigour, helps metabolism, imparts resistance.

    Secondary Plant Nutrients

    Calcium (Ca) usually available in soil. Magnesium (Mg) promotes health and growth. Foliar application in high yielding teas. Sulphur (S) getting depleted in tea soils, hence need for soil application in well drained teas.


    Promote normal health. Boron (B), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn) show promise. Zinc to be used at the rate of 12.5 kg/ha/year as foliar spray.

    Deficiency symptoms

    N Pale or yellow colour , slow growth, fewer shoots, small leaves
    P2O5 Dull, small leaves, weak stem, slow development.
    K2O Thin white stem, folded small leaves, poor recovery from prune or drought, fair central growth with poor side branches.
    Ca When pH value below 4.
    Mg When pH value below 4, also in droughty condition depicted by interveinal chlorosis as inverted 'V'.
    S Yellowing of upper leaves.
    Trace Elements Discoloured leaves, curly leaf edges and stunted growth.
    Zn Sickle shaped leaves.
    B Rosetting of new growth.

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