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    Fermentation is the process during which the Polyphenols in the tea leaf are oxidized in presence of the enzymes and subsequently condensed to form Colored compounds contributing to the quality attributes of tea. Fermentation starts immediately after cell rupture.


    Optimum : 24'C – 29’C
    Factors affecting temperature :  

                i)   leaf temperatures at the end of green leaf processing,  
                ii)  thickness of spread  
                iii) temperature of air in fermenting room.


      Optimum : 1’C – 1.5 ‘C Hygrometric Difference 
    Any larger H.D. requires humidification of the room. 
    Normal method : mist chambers or spray units.


    On floor, sheet or table  

    Thickness Orthodox CTC
    2 cm thick, 1 Kg leaf takes 0.18m2 0.12m2
    3  cm thick,  1 Kg leaf takes 0.12m2 0.08m2
    4  cm thick,  1 Kg leaf takes 0.08 0.06..  
    5  cm thick,  1 Kg leaf takes 0.09 0.05..
     Approx. space requirements Orthodox   Roll/CTC  RV/CTC
    For 1000 Kg throughput per hr 600 225

    Air for floor fermentation

    10-12 changes of air per hour. lf natural ventilation does not as that all air in the room is renewed every 5-6 minutes, fan assistance may have to be given, air speed to be kept as low as possible.

    Fermenting Troughs

    Pressure in trough : 2-5 cm water gauge depending on depth of leaf and Particle size.  Hygrometric difference : dry air blackens leaf.
    For a 1000 Kg G.L. throughput per hr.

                                        C.T.C. 100 gamlas 
                                        3 roll Orthodox 150 gamlas 
                                        2 roll Orthodox 160 gamlas

    Fermenting Machine

    Size aid capacity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Dimensions Of 17m x 4m x 3.5m would suffice to Supply two 1.8 m dryers.

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